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This workshop consists of 3 different classes designed to help you perfect and improve every aspect of your pirouettes. Option to purchase individual classes, or all 3! Classes include:

  1. Pirouette Technique: Master turner Elisabeth Beyer (apprentice w/ American Ballet Theatre) reveals her best-kept secrets to performing multiple pirouettes with both technique and grace. She will go over the essential technical qualities it takes to be a "natural turner", how to consistently execute multiple pirouettes, and how to fix common pirouette mistakes.
  2. Conquering Pirouette Anxiety: Master the MENTAL side of pirouettes! Train your mind to overcome the fear of turning with the help of chartered dance psychologist, Dr. Lucie Clements. Whether you feel anxious, negative, or beat yourself up over pirouettes, this class will provide you with the tools to start overcoming these mental blocks, which are so often neglected in regular training.
  3. Conditioning for Better Pirouettes: Develop the correct biomechanical habits that will ensure you can spin like a top, with the expert guidance of dance movement specialist, Alicia Head (who has worked with dancers from ABT, San Francisco Ballet, & Boston Ballet). Alicia dissects every inch of the pirouette from a biomechanical perspective, and provides a host of conditioning exercises that target precisely those areas dancers most often struggle with or forget to work on when trying to improve turns.

Any of these classes are perfect for anyone who struggles with their pirouettes, those who want more consistency with their turns, or those who simply want to increase their number of rotations!

All video rentals are available for 14 days of unlimited viewing. Upon payment completion, an email will be sent containing instructions on how to access your video(s).

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